Annapurna Base Camp trekking, Nepal

Dates 2018: 7th - 21st October

Type of activity: trekking
Area: Himalaya Mountains, Nepal
Duration: from 13 to 15 days according to your wishes
Tour cost: USD 945 (the price is indicated for a group of 7 people), trekking to Annapurna, rafting and safari in the jungles of Chitwan. 
Price include: service of an experienced Russian-speaking guide; accommodation in a hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara (4 nights); lodging on the active part of the route, all transfers in Nepal by minibus, bus; perm; safari 3 days in the Chitwan National Park; medical insurance; airport fees inside the country, entrance fees for sightseeing tours in the Kathmandu / Patan Valley according to the program; a certificate of passage of the route; a group first aid kit for the team.
Price not include: flights; nepali visa (USD 30); food (USD 10-17 per day); porters (USD 13 per day).

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This is one of the so-called «tea-house» routes. We don't need to use tents overnight. Tourists walk on the trails from one mountain village to another, stopping for the night in a guesthouse (lodges).

This trip is ideal for a first acquaintance with Nepal. You don't need any special outrdoor skills to overcome this route. Just be in a good physical shape.

Annapurna base camp trekking route attracts travelers not only the opportunity to touch the ineffable exotic Himalayas, but also an affordable price and low complexity. Every year, this route committed hundreds of thousands people coming to Nepal from different continents. «Eight-thousanders» Annapurna - this is one of the most difficult mountains to conquer the dream that many climbers. Trekking to the Base Camp of Annapurna makes it possible to pass a part of their path and reach an altitude 4130 m. above sea level. Our route will pass through picturesque rhododendron forests and alpine meadows, near the giant peaks. After trekking tourists also take an excursion in the capital of the Kingdom of Nepal - Kathmandu, where the dozens of religions and cultures are intertwined. On excursions will be able to get acquainted with the Hindu and Buddhist temples, customs, local residents and the unique architect of Nepal.

Route line: Kathmandu - Pokhara - Nayapul- Ghorepani - Poon Hill - Tadapani - Chomrong - Machapuchare Mountain Base Camp - Annapurna Base Camp - Chomrong - Nayapul - Kathmandu.

Day by day description 

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Day 1. Arriving to Kathmandu.

Early morning we board the plane, which will land us to Kathmandu after four hours. Meeting of participants with the guide of our club in the airport. We get the Nepalese visa and go by taxi to the touristic part of the city - Thamel where our hotel is located. Today we need to issue the permits to the National Park. In the evening we will have a bit of time to walk around Kathmandu and test Nepalese cuisine in local restaurants.

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Day 2. Transfer to Pokhara by bus. Lake Phewa tour, walk to the Pagoda of Peace.

Early in the morning we will sit to the bus to Pokhara. The road will be long, with stops along the way for breakfast and lunch. Arriving to Pokhara, we moved to a hotel in the Lake Side. After a tiring trip the best rest will be a boat tour around the picturesque Phewa Lake. On the way to the lake we will visit a Hindu temple on the island and ascent many steps up the hill to see the local sights and Japanese Buddhist Pagoda of Peace temple with statues of Sakyamuni Buddha. From the observation plae, located next to the Pagoda we will see stunning views of the central Himalayas mountain range. We'll see Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Range, and beautiful top Machapuchare Mountain. After the tour we will have our dinner in the Indian restaurant with Indian cuisine.


Day 3. Transfer to the «Annapurna Sanctuary» National Park. Start of the trek. Nayapul - Ulleri.

Trekking in Nepal is characterized by very early rise. While in the mountains there are no clouds, you can see the beauty of the Himalayas. We will wake up at five o'clock in the morning and sit in the bus to Nayapula. In this village, we need to register in a check point of the national park. After verification of permits we will hire porters and start our trek. Crossing the Modi Khola River by bridge, we will go up the mountain. The highest peaks are still ahead, but our attention is to the waterfalls - they are just countless in the Himalayas. Today, we have to make the long trip to altitude 2000 m. Walking up the steep stairs, we will get to the village Ulleri. Extraordinarily beautiful views of Mount Hinchuli (6441 m) and Mount Annapurna South (7219 meters) we will observe rom this location.


Day 4. Trekking to Gorepani - ascent to the Poon Hill.

You will remember this part of the tour because of the beautiful views. Our way will pass through the mountain rainforest. Rhododendrons, overgrown with clusters of bearded lichen, flocks of monkeys, and huge birds gliding in the sky - a real exotic. Waterfalls at every step there, which are cut off by the noise in the deep gorges. We will reach alt. 2700 meters and will come to the Ghorepani Village. On the same day we will go up to the Poon Hill (alt. 3200 m.). From there we will see the highest mountains in Nepal - Dhaulagiri. At night we will stop in the lodge, where you can watch the fantastic sunset on the background of Dhaulagiri and rhododendron forests.


Day 5. Trekking to Tadapani.

Today we will ascent to altitude 3000 m. to reach Tadapani. The road goes sharply down from there, which is why we descend a kilometer of height. Our route will pass through the picturesque gorge, which situated around springs, so even in the hot weather there is always cool in the canyon. From this place will be clearly visible Machapuchare mountain (6993 m.), which is famous for its top in the form of a fish tail. Locals belive this is a holy mountain, so climb on it is prohibited. The road runs through the tropical forest, where a lot of monkeys. In the night we will stop in a beautiful place near the river, and will admire a beautiful waterfall before bedtime, which falls not far from the hundred-meter height.

Day 6. Trekking to Chomrong and Sinuvu.

Today we will trek all day by the steep slopes, overcoming countless stage. First, we will descent and go across the bridge, and then ascent up. By the way we will pass near the houses of locals. Wide views of the Himalayan expanse will opening around us. In Chomrong we can see in all its glory the Annapurna South and Hinchuli Mountain. And a good view of the Machapuchare, which impresses by unusual shape - a fish tail. Then we will descent into the canyon, where you can see the Annapurna South amidst beautiful waterfalls. After that - a long climb up the steps in the bamboo forest. Overnight in the lodge Sinuva. Here is the valley of the Modi Khola River, where we will trek for the next three days until the base camp of Annapurna.

Day 7. Trekking to Deurali.

Today, will be a tough day. We have to do a lot of ups and downs. Our route will pass through rhododendron and bamboo forests. In one of the corners of the valley we will see a giant waterfall. The valley will become narrower, and the walls higher and higher. At an altitude of three thousand meters trees will disappearing. Our tour will take place in the zone of alpine meadows next. There are frequent fogs, and snowfields in the spring. Overnight in the lodge Deurali, acclimatization. Rest.

Day 8. Machapuchare Base Camp. Annapurna Base Camp.

Today we will reach our main target - Annapurna Base Camp. To do this, we have to get up very early and walk with head lamps. The road to the Machapuchare base camp goes over tough terrain among the rocks and stones, in some areas we have to overcome the snow and ice. By dawn we get to Machapuchare Base Camp (3700 m.). Good view on Annapurna wall from here. We will watch as the sun illuminated ice-bound peaks during breakfast in the base camp. Sometimes you can see large herds of mountain goats - Himalayan Tars. After a short break we will start to ascent to the Annapurna base camp. The trail is simple, but the thin air prevents go fast, so go slowly, saving energy. In the Base Camp we will eat our delicious lunch, and then we will walk along the steep walls, look at the glacier of Annapurna, cold mountain lakes and the surrounding mountain peaks.

Day 9. Dawn of Annapurna, descent into Chomrong.

We get up early, before dawn and begin to climb the slopes of Annapurna South. Very cold at night, but getting warmer with the first rays of the sun. We will see the Himalayan peaks in all its glory, next to the Annapurna South and Face of Annapurna and other beautiful towering peaks Singh Chuli, Tharp Chuli, as well as the sacred mountain Machapuchare. After a memorable dawn, we will get our breakfast and start to descent. Today, we will pass the path along which the previous two days. Overnight in the lodge Chomrong, with wonderful views of the Annapurna mountain range in the end of the day.

Day 10. Hot Springs Dzhinudandy, Gurung village.

Today we will have a wonderful day. We will forgot the cold and the high altitude as soon as we get to the hot springs of Dzhinudandy sources. Fans of bath can take a dip in a mountain stream. Then we will easily descent along the river. We will pass a plantation of rice and bananas, gurung villages, bamboo forest and Hindu temples. Overnight in the Lodge.

Day 11. Nayapul - Pokhara- Kathmandu.

Today we will get to Kathmandu by bus. Along the way we'll pick to Pokhara, where lunch will waiting for us. And then the long journey to Kathmandu. Only late in the evening we will arrive to our hotel.

Day 12. Kathmandu - Chitwan.

Transfer to Chitwan National Park. Check in at the hotel on the banks of the river. After lunch excursion to the elephant nursery. After dinner we will be able to see the show with dances and songs performed by the local Tharu tribe.

If you plan to travel for 13 days:

Today we will have a wonderful day that will be remembered for everyone. We will take the tourist bus early in the morning and go explore the temples of Kathmandu. Here it is necessary to spend at least a week to explore all the temples and other interesting places, but we will visit the most basic. First on our list - the temple of Pashupatinath. It's considered of the most important Hindu traditions temples. Legends talk, Shiva lived here before in the incarnation of a deer. There is a deer park still. For each Hindu is considered honorable to die in this temple that the ashes thrown into the sacred Bagmati River, a tributary of the Ganges River. We will see the ritual cremation of the dead, as well as ancient architecture. Then we will get to the Buddhist stuppe Bodnath - one of the main places of Tibetan Buddhism. Great Stupa stands very high in all corners of the world are watching all-seeing eyes of Buddha. Our group will make a traditional ritual of crossing the stupa, then we will see the pray of the Tibetan monks. At the end of the day we will get to Swayambhunath, or as it is called Monkey Temple. On the highest hill of Kathmandu there is Buddhist Stupa and a Hindu temple. Here we will observe not only the monkeys, but also see the whole Kathmandu.

Day 13. Chitwan National Park - "the heart of the jungle",  located in the former royal ohotnichihu-years are. The Park under natural conditions to preserve the unique flora and fauna characteristic of ancient Asia. We are waiting for rafting on the river in a canoe, and then we go back to the hotel on foot along a picturesque trail. In the afternoon: swimming in the river with the elephants, walk through the jungle on an elephant's back. Dinner. Overnight at hotel. 

If you plan to travel for 13 days:

Today, we will go to the Royal Square. It preserved ancient architecture: carved lattice columns and pagoda. Then we will go to the house of the Kumari goddess. The girl lives in a house where not entitled to go down to the ground. Then we have time to buy souvenirs and travel gear. In the evening - transfer to the airport. 

Day 14. Drive to Kathmandu by bus.  Hotel accommodation. A walk to Durbar Square. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at hotel.

Day 15. Today, we are waiting for a big circle around Kathmandu Valley  - a great opportunity to enjoy the ethno-cultural program. Early in the morning we board the tourist bus and go explore the temples of Kathmandu. Here it is necessary to spend at least a week to explore all the temples and attractions, but you will see the most basic. First on the list - the temple of Pashupatinath. He is considered one of the most important Hindu temples. How to tell stories, previously lived here in the incarnation of Shiva deer. And until now, there is a park with deer. For every Hindu is considered honorable to die in this temple, the ashes thrown into the sacred Bagmati River, a tributary of the Ganges. Here you can watch the ritual cremation of the dead, as well as ancient architecture. Next you will find a trip to the Buddhist stuppe Bodnath: one of the main places of Tibetan Buddhism. Great Stupa stands very high in all directions look all-seeing eyes of the Buddha. Here you can perform a traditional ritual circumambulation stupa - bark. And then you can be present at the service of the Tibetan monks. At the end of the day - a trip to Swayambhunath. Or, as it is also called Monkey Temple. On the highest mountain in Kathmandu is Buddhist Stupa and a Hindu temple. Here you can see not only the apes, but also to see the entire Kathmandu. And the snow-capped Himalayas in the distance.

Free time and buy souvenirs. Transfer to the airport and flight home. Book flight on evening flights: no earlier than 19:00.


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