Elbrus Mountain Summit (alt. 5642 m.). West route.

Date: 6 -16 July, 28 July - 7 August,  11 - 21 August, 31 August - 10 September 2019

8.jpgType of activity: mountaineering, mountain trekking
Area: Caucasus
Duration: 11 days
Tour cost: 49 900 RUB (per person if in final group will be 3 persons), 62 500 RUB (per person if in final group will be 2 persons).
Price includes: guides (one guide + one assistant for the group more than 3 persons,); three meals food for active part of the tour (hot breakfast, lunch box and hot dinner); tents and common gear; registration of the group in Ministry of Emergency situation; first aid; transfer (Nevinomyssk - Base camp - Nevinomyssk).
Price doesn't include: trip to Nevinomyssk and back; food while transfer; rent of gear (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack); rent of alpine gear (crampons, ice axe, carabiners, helmet, harness); permission to climb Elbrus - 1200 rubles per person; insurance (outdoor + medical).


Oshkhamakho or Mountain of the happiness - so Kabardian language is the title of Elbrus Mountain. Once there was a volcano Elbrus, but long since extinct, and covered with glaciers.

Elbrus Summit Tour with professional guides - the ascent to the highest peak not only in Russia but also in Europe. Elbrus Mountain is located on the border of Kabardino-Balkaria Region and Karachay-Cherkessia Region, altitude 5642 meters.

The classic summit of Elbrus Mountain is from the South. We do summit of Elbrus Mountain by the western slope.

The Western slope of Elbrus is a route without cableways, snow groomers, hotels and shelters. It is harder to popular routes from the south and from the north due to the height difference and technical difficulty of the route.

Elbrus - a challenge for experienced travelers! You immerse yourself in a real expeditionary life full of discoveries and unity with wildlife.

Powerful glaciers and rock walls, including the famous Kukurtlu Rock Wall, which you can see from the Gil-Su. After the summit you will visit the mineral springs located at the base camp in a the Gil-Su, relax in the sauna and taste the local cuisine.


All routes Elbrus:

- South

- North

- East

Important details 


  • The group from 3 to 12 people.

  • The program begins and ends in Nevinomyssk.

  • The program of the tour is not final and can be adjusted depending on weather conditions, status of members and other circumstances.

  • Weather: on the western slopes of Elbrus Mountain (alt. 2500 m.) during summer air temperature from +10°C to +25°C, Spring and Autumn from 0°C to +20°C. On altitude 3800 m. summer air temperature from -5º to +20°C.

  • You booking tour by 15% deposit. In case of refusal to travel no later than one month before the start of the tour, no refund, but remains in your «account» to pay for future adventures throughout the year.

  • 10Requiring participants: the experience of alpine climbing 1B rate routes. It's better if you are visit our Alpine climbing school before.
  • Three times meals a day for the period of staying alpine zone: breakfast, dinner, and lunch box for the daytime (sandwiches, dried fruit, biscuits, chocolates). On the summit day we will give you special assault kit supply.

  • Night in the tents during all tour.

  • In case of life danger of the participants, the guide have the right to decide on the descent down the group and cancel the summit.

  • According to the program guide and assisting guides work with groups of 4 or more people.

  • This program is potentially dangerous to the health and life of any of the participants. Guides will provide you with the necessary security, provided you comply with safety regulations.

  • Before summit Elbrus group will registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Contact with rescue team we can all over the route.

    Information about purchasing tickets

    The meeting of group will take place in Nevinomyssk on the first day of the program first half of the day (driving from Mineralnye Vody to Nevinomyssk around 2 hours). It is necessary to arrive before 12:00 local time. You can take your back ticket, on the last day after 15:00 local time.


Day by day description

Day 1. Meeting of the group in Nevinomyssk. Transfer to the Hurzuk Village and to the base camp situated in a beautiful valley near the mineral springs.

Day 2. Acclimatize hiking to the Koltsevoy Pass (alt. 3100 m.). Ascent on Severnaya Peak (alt. 3531 m.) if we have time. Stunning views of Caucasus Mountains. Back to the base camp. Night in the tents.

Day 3. Hiking to the base camp B1 (alt. 3500 m.). Night in the tents on a moraine slope.

Day 4. Hiking on alt. 3900 m. Climbing skills training. Carrying the gear up. Night in the B1 camp in the tents (alt. 3500 m.).

Day 5. Hiking to the B2 camp (alt. 4200 m.). This would be the hardest part of the route (from the Utyg rock to the West Plateu). Night in the B2 camp in the tents.

Day 6. Hiking to B3 camp alt. 4600 m. Build an advanced base camp.

Day 7. Rest. Preparations for the summit. In good weather conditions and shape of the group summit possible.

Day 8. Summit day. From the base camp to the West Plateu by the snow slope 15-20 degree. Nice visibility of the route. Descend to the B3 or B2 camp.

Day 9. Extra day for bad weather.

Day 10. Descent to the base camp (alt. 2500 m.) Visiting of the mineral springs.

Day 11. Early morning transfer to Nevinomyssk or Pyatigorsk. Farewell with the group. Back home.

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