Elbrus Mountain Summit (alt. 5642 m.). Classic South route with acclimatization in Syltran-Su Valley.

Summits in 2019: 18 - 26 May; 8 - 16 June; 22 June - 30st June; 6 - 14 July, 20 - 28 July,

3 - 11 August, 11 - 19 August, 19 - 27 August;

31 August - 8 September, 7 - 15 September 2019

Type of activity: mountaineering, mountain trekking
Area: Caucasus
Duration: 9 days
Tour cost (all inclusive): 43 900 RUB (per person if in final group of 4 people and more), 50 700 RUB (per person if in final group will be 3 persons), 64 600 RUB (per person if in final group will be 2 persons).
Price includes: guides (one guide + one assistant for the group more than 4 persons, two guides for the group 8 persons and more); 1, 5, 10 days - accommodation in a hotel; accommodation in Bochki hut or Prijut 11 hut; three meals food for active part of the tour (hot breakfast, lunch box and hot dinner); tents and common gear; permission to climb mt. Elbrus; registration of the group in Ministry of Emergency situation; first aid; GPS; transfers (Mineralnye Vody - Neytrino - Mineralnye Vody, cableway).
Price doesn't include: flight to Mineralnye Vody and back; rent of alpine gear (crampons, ice axe, carabiners, helmet, harness);  ride by snowmobile in the day of climbing 5000-7000 rubles/person (optional); additional overnight stays in the hotel and Bochki hut  (not provided by the program); additional descents and ascents on a cableway; renting of personal equipment (sleeping bag, backpack, camping mat); food while transfer; insurance (outdoor + medical).


Сlimb up to the Pastukhov Rocks 

Oshkhamakho or Mountain of the happiness - this is Kabardian name of Elbrus Mountain. A long time ago Elbrus was a volcano, but then extinguished, and has been covered with glaciers.

Elbrus Summit Tour with professional guides - is the ascent to the highest peak not only in Russia but also in Europe. Elbrus Mountain is located on the border of Kabardino-Balkaria Region and Karachay-Cherkessia Region, the altitude of it's West Peak is 5642 meters.


Classic Elbrus Mountain South summit


This route to Elbrus is most popular one. There is cableway, comfortable hotels, narzan water, cafes where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine, and a wonderful view of the Main Caucasian ridge, opening from the slopes of Elbrus Mountain. The first part of the program of summit Elbrus Mountain is an acclimatization in a nearby Syltran-Su Valley. Bivouacs are made in beautiful places: on the moraines, near the Syltran lake and the glaciers.

The second part of acclimatization and technical training is going right on the slopes of Elbrus, at altitudes from 3800 to 5000m.  

Our tour is a little longer than most of the other offers. This is for getting better acclimatization before the summit and the most positive emotions.

All routes to Elbrus:




Important details 

  • Mountain trekking experience is desirable, but not necessarily.
  • The group is from 4 to 12 people.
  • The program begins and ends in Mineralnye Vody.
  • For acclimatization of the group we developed a plan of smooth speed acclimatization - adaptation to the high altitude, with a visit to the beautiful canyons of the Central Caucasus.
  • Accommodation in tents during active program of acclimatization 2+1 3+1 capacity tents, in the gorgeous Syltran-Su Valley. Accommodation in the hotel in the Neytrino village, possibly hotel accommodation in Terskol/Elbrus. During the summit we live in a mountain huts (max alt. 4200 m.).
  • You should make a booking of the tour by remittance of 15% of cost of the whole program. In case of refusal to travel no later than one month before the start of the tour, no refund, but remains in your  «account» to pay for future adventures throughout the year.
  • Three times meals a day for the period of staying alpine zone: breakfast, dinner, and lunch box for the daytime (sandwiches, dried fruit, biscuits, chocolates). On the summit day we will give you special assault kit supply.
  • In case of life danger of the participants, the guide have the right to stop the ascension and cancel the summit.
  • According to the program, guide and assisting guides work with groups of 4 or more people.
  • This program is potentially dangerous to the health and life of any of the participants. Guides will provide necessary security, and you should comply the safety regulations.
  • 5.jpgThe group is equipped with a first aid kit, radio and GPS.
  • Before summit Elbrus group will registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations (located in Terskol). Contact with rescue team we can all over the route.
  • Decision to cancel the summit because of conditions that threaten the safety of participants is exclusive competence of the guide and is not negotiable.
  • Tour program can be change depending on weather conditions, status of members and other circumstances.

    Information about purchasing tickets

    The meeting of group will take place in Mineralnye Vody on the first day of the program first half of the day. It is necessary to arrive before 12:00 local time. You can take your back ticket, on the last day after 15:00 local time.

Day by day description

Day 1. Meeting of the group in Mineralnye Vody railway station or airport. Transfer to the Neutrino Village (alt. 1700 m.) or Terskol Village. Part of food and the extra gear needed for Elbrus summit we leave in the village. 

Day 2. Start of the active part of the acclimatization. It will be a long, but not difficult hiking through Syltran-Su Valley. The trail goes through the woods first, and then gradually goes into a meadows zone. Then, not a difficult crossing of the Syltran-Su River. Night in a picturesque location on the moraine (alt. 2800-2900 m.).

Day 3. Hiking to the camp near the pass (alt. 3200 m.). 

Day 4. Summit to the Syltran-Su Mountain (alt. 3550 m.). This is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible panoramic peaks of the Central Caucasus (panorama of mountain ranges from Bezengi Wall to the Elbrus Mountain). After dinner we descent to the Neutrino Village. Rest time. Taking the food and gear for the summit. 

Day 5.  Transfer to the Azau Village. Ascent to the Bochki camp by the cableway. Night in the Pryut-11 camp or another mountain hut.

Day 6. Acclimatization summit to the alt. 4800-5000 m. (Pastukhov Rocks or Kosaya Polka). Climbing skills training: self fall-arresting on snow and ice slopes, movement on snow and ice slopes, belaying. Rest time. Preparation for the summit. The early bed time.

Day 7. Summit day. Wake up in the midnight, start at 1:00. The average time of summit is 12-14 hours for non-sports groups. It is important to remember that you will need energy not only for ascent but also for descent.

Day 8. Extra day for bad weather.

Day 9. Descent to the Baksan Valley, Terskol. Cheget market and souvenirs. Farewell to the mountains. Transfer to Mineralnye Vody.

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