Kazbek Mountain Summit (alt. 5033 m.). Northern route.

Dates: 26 July- 3 August, 20 - 28 August  2020

Type of activity: mountaineering. 2B difficult rate route.
Area: East Caucasus, North Osetya Region
Duration: 9 days
Tour cost: 34 500 RUB (per person if in final group of 4 people and more), 39 500 RUB (per person if in final group will be 3 persons), 49 500 RUB (per person if in final group will be 2 persons).
Price includes: guides (one guide + one assistant for the group more than 4 persons, two guides for the group 8 persons and more); transfers including in program of the tour; three meals food for active part of the tour (hot breakfast, lunch box and hot dinner); tents and common gear; registration of the group in Ministry of Emergency situation; all permits and fees.
Price doesn't include: flight to Mineralnye Vody and back; rent of personal gear (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, boots, down coat, trekking poles etc.); rent of alpine gear (crampons, ice axe, carabiners, helmet, harness); registration for foreigners; food while transfer; insurance (outdoor + medical).

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Kazbek Mountain like Elbrus Mountain is a two-headed extinct volcano and the most Eastern Caucasian peak higher five thousand meters. This majestic mountain is located on the Russian-Georgian border. We offer you summit Kazbek Mountain from the South (from Georgia), or from the North (from Russia).

Osetian name Kazbek - Urskhoh - literally means «white mountain». Georgian name - Mkinvartsveri - translated as «the mountain with ice pinnacle» Kazbek has a special magic, beauty and strength. Many legends are connected with this mountain!

We offer you summit Kazbek from the north. Our route begins in the Karmadon Village. Our way lies through the beautiful valley of the Genaldon River, then northwest buttress of the OGD Peak. 6 day of the tour will be the most exciting - when we'll go up to the main summit Kazbek - 5033 meters from Kazbekskoe Plateau through the col of two peaks.

Important details

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  • The group from 3 to 10 people.

  • Tour program can be change depending on weather conditions, status of members and other circumstances.

  • Weather conditions: on the northern slopes of Kazbek Mountain (alt. 2000m.) in the summer the air temperature is from +10ºC to +25° C, in spring and autumn from 0°C to +20°C. In the base camp (alt. 4200 m.) in the summer of -15º to +15°C.

  • A guide has group Firs Aid Kit. But you should carry your own personal first aid kit with your personal medicine.

  • Before summit group will registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations (located in Vladikavkaz). In case of life danger of the participants, the guide have the right to decide to cancel the summit and to descent the group down. No discussions.

  • You make booking of the tour by 20% deposit. You will must pay the rest one week before start of the tour. In case of refusal to travel no later than one month before the start of the tour, no refund, but remains in your «account» to pay for future adventures throughout the year. 

    Information about purchasing tickets

    The meeting of group will take place in Mineralnye Vody in the morning of the first day of the program. It is necessary to arrive before 12:00 local time. The way down from the hot springs to Karmadon valley takes all day in a last day of the program, so we recommend to book a hotel in Mineralnie Vody, and buy a back fly ticket on a day after. 

Day by day description

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Day 1. Meeting of the group in Mineralnye Vody till noon. Transfer to the Karmadon Village (5-6 hours). Night in tents in a Genaldon Valley.

Day 2. Trekking to the warm mineral springs. Night in a camp alt. 2300 m.

Day 3. Trekking to the Maily Glacier. Mountaineering skills training: ascending and descending on rope, belaying and self-belaying. Night on a moraine alt. 3000 m.

Day 4. Trekking to the alt. 3500 by North-West buttress of the OGD Peak. Acclimatize hiking to 3900 m.

Day 5. Trekking to Kazbek Plateu alt. 4200 m. Mountaineering skills training on a snowy slope: self-arresting, moving in a bunch. Go to sleep early.

Day 6. Summit day.  Ascent on Kazbek Mountain. Descent to the camp alt. 4200 m. or alt. 3500 m.

Day 7. Extra day for the case of bad weather.

Day 8. Descend to the Valley by the same way. Hot springs visiting near Karmadon Village.

Day 9. A whole day trekking down to the Karmadon Village through the valley. Transfer to Mineralnye Vody in the evening. 


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