Kluchevskaya Sopka Volcano Summit (4850 m.). Travel to Kamchatka.

Dates: 2th - 14th August; 16th - 28th  August; 30st - 11rd September 2020

53808851.jpgType of activity: trekking, alpine climbing
Area: Kamchatka, Russia, Kluchevskaya volcanoes group
Difficult rate: 2A Russian mountaineering rating
Duration: 13 days 
Tour cost: 72 400 RUB if you book before 30 st of April 2020. The price will be 80 500 RUB after that date. You will save 8 100 RUB if you book in advance.
Price includes: all transfer during the tour; cook service on days 3rd-5th and 9th-11th; all food during active part of the tour; first aid kit; guides; all permits and fees; group gear (gas stove, gas, kitchen gear, kitchen tents, axe, saw); sauna in Klyuchi Village; group alpine gear (ropes and so on); satellite phone for emergency.
Price doesn't includes: flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski and back; food while transfer and indoor; accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, individual gear renting; medical and outdoor insurance; satellite phone for private calls (4 $ per minute).


Kamchatka is a dream! Is a fairy tale from the childhood of every adventurer. Visiting place where mountains emitting the heat and the power of the volcano. It's mysterious and amazing place.

We want to introduce you a summit on a Eurasian highest volcano - Kluchevskaya Sopka (alt. 4850 m.). The age of the volcano is 7000 years. There is no snow or ice on a top because of volcanic activity.

You will see impact of the recent volcanic eruption by your own eyes. We invite you to became a member of unique historical event - changing of the environment by the power of the nature. You will be the one who will see the landscape of the new Kamchatka from the altitude of 4580 meters.

Besides the summit you will make amazing trekking route through the Kluchevskoy Natural Park. This park is UNESCO object. We made a route for you for your pleasure to observe the stunning landscapes of the local nature.

On this tour you will visit:

  • Bogdanovicha Glacier;
  • Ambon Rock;
  • Polenitsa Mountain;
  • Studyonaya River Canyon.

Huge advantage of the tour in September is absence of the mosquitoes. During summer season there is billions of them.

Important details

  • Day routes from 5 till 15 km.

  • Group size from 4 till 12 persons.

  • The chief will made a food on a trekking part of the tour. There will be also duty helpers from the members of the group.

  • On a summit part of the tour you will cook for yourself. We will give you food, gas and stove for every tent-team.

  • There is almost no transfer service on Kamchatka. The quality of the transfer service is low and most of drivers are not professionals. So if there will be some problems with transfer the guides will buy the tickets for you for public transport (it will be including to price). The guides will be with you during such kind of transfer in this case.

  • There will be «extreme» transfer to Klyuchi Village on a special 4x4 vehicle. 75 km. of the off road but it will save the energy of the group and making less risk to meet a brown bears.

  • For beginners instructor will help with weight of the backpack and pace.

  • There is extra day for the bad weather. If we will not using this day, we will take you to the Pacific Ocean bays.

  • We will send you gear list, detailed information and member form receiving your tour request.

  • Tour request doesn't understand you have to go. It is only we send you information for making decision.

  • kollash2.jpg

    If you want you can rent all rear you need.

  • You will order tour by 20% deposit. In case of refusal no later than one month before the start of the tour, deposit will no refund. It will remain in your «account» to pay for future tours during the year.

  • Rest of the amount you must to pay on Kamchatka to the guides before the trip by cash or by bank transfer.

  • September on Kamchatka volcanoes higher 2000 meters snow can be. In this case summit is still possible. Clothes and gear of the team members must be ready for frost, flurry or snow storm.

Day by day description

Day 1. Group meeting in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Rest after flight. Preparations for the trip.

Day 2. Transfer to the north of Kamchatka to Kozyrevsk Village. Lunch in a Mylkovo Village. Safety briefing. Rest. Sauna. Night in the cozy cottages.

Day 3. Early morning off road transfer. It will give a group safety against brown bears. Bears will try to find food as much as it possible so there is a high chance to meet them in September. We will see bears from safety distance siting inside the vehicle. Also we will see the volcanoes - Tolbachic, Ushkovsky, Kamen and Kluchevskaya Sopka. There is no roads here. Only directions. Only professional guides know the way and water sources here. Trekking to Studjenaya River on a meadow. Night in the tents. Camp place there is a lovely place for the foxes. It's their area and they are not afraid of humans. Sometimes foxes following tourists part of the trail. 

Day 4. Trekking to Bogdanovicha Glacier near the slopes of Ushkovsky Volcano. In this area we can meet local type of marmots - Tarbagans. Crossing the glacier. Trekking on a slag fields. There is glacier under the slag. And finally we will see «Small Antarctica» area. Stunning views on Kluchevskaya group of volcanoes. Night in the tents.

Day 5. Trekking on a glacier and crossing the Small Antarctica Plateau. We will see places where hot steam goes from the underground. alt. 3000 m. Building a camp on a Vulkanologov Pass. Night in a wooden hut and in the tents. Last year a wolverine visited us in this kingdom of ice and snow. It's a huge relative of the marten. Not only humans visiting this pass.

Day 6. Acclimatize hiking on a slope of Kluchevskaya Sopka Volcano. Our priority today is acclimatize for the successful summit. We will walk on alt. 4000 m. Back to camp, preparations for the assault of the volcano.

Day 7. Culmination of the tour. Assault of the top of Kluchevskaya Sopka Volcano - the most high volcano in Eurasia. Summit on alt. 4580 m. takes 8-9 hours. Way back to camp - 5 hours.

Day 8. Extra day for the bad weather.

Day 9. We left our advanced base camp and start to descend between two volcanoes - Kluchevskaya Sopka Volcano and Kamen Volcano. By the slag fields to the Sukhaya Hapitsa River. Crossing the canyon of this river a few times. Stunning views of East Face of the Kamen Volcano. Not so many travelers saw this view. Descending to the forest area. Through the meadows. Camp near the interesting place - Ambon Rock. Night in the tents.

Day 10. Crossing Sukhaya Hapitsa River. Trekking near the slopes of Bezymyanny Volcano. Near the Ovalnyaya Zimina Volcano. Our point is a cozy hut - Plotina. On this area there are hundreds of marmots. Night in a hut or in the tents.

Day 11. Crossing Bezymyanny Pass. Descending to Razmyvochny creek. Here is the unique nature object - Polennitsa Mountain. It looks like a wood for fire, in Russian language - Polennitsa. The cooling magma is split into geometrically regular pentagonal columns when released on the surface separated by deep cracks. Crossing the old lava flow we moving to the Studyonaya River Canyon. Steep slopes of polished water, it's goes underground. Depth of the canyon 15 meters. The most narrow place - only 1 meter. We can walk inside the canyon if the conditions will be good. Trekking to Baraniy creek. Building a camp on a edelweiss field. There is a waterfall near after rains.

Day 12. Short trekking to Kopyto Tract. Off road transfer to the Kozyrevsk Village. If we have our extra day (day 8 not spending) we are going to the cottages with sauna. You can buy some souvenirs in the village. And the red caviar of course. Here the price is lower. Dinner to celebrate the end of the tour. If we don't have extra day - transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Visiting hot springs on the way.

Day 13. Arriving to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. We recommend you take your flight back in the night of this day of day after. Your free time you can visit Pacific Ocean, take sea excursion for observing the seals or visiting Halaktyrsky Beach with black sand.

Depending on weather conditions and the group guides can change the route.

It is not a public offer.

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