Three canyons trekking (Chernorechensky Canyon, Uzunja Canyon and Grand Crimean Canyon). Journey by a mountainous part of Crimea.

Dates: 29th April - 5th May, 6th - 12nd May;  29th September - 5th October, 6th - 12nd October 2019

Type of activity: trekking, sea
Area: South of Crimea Peninsula, Mountainous part of Crimea, Black Sea cost
Duration: 7 days
Tour price: 10 900 RUB if you book before 30 st of June 2019. After that date price will be 20 900 RUB. Booking in advance you will save 10 000 RUB.
Price includes: meeting in the Yalta bus station first day fo the tour; transfer from Yalta to the start point by comfort bus; transfer to Rodnikovoe Village day 2 of the trekking; all food during the trek, сhef service, gas for the stoves; all permits and fees; accommodation in campings; first aid; guides; common gear (gas stove, gas, kitchen gear); registration in Ministry of Emergency Situations.
Price doesn't include: flight to Simferopol and back; accommodation in the huts while staying in camping's; sauna; insurance.

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Mountainous part of Crimea - a stunning area of the planet! It is woven from the rocks and cliffs of fantastic shapes, mossy forests with many mysterious caves. Due to hit the ground springs with healing water: water gives life realm of the green world.

Riverbeds never cease to amaze variety: quiet backwaters turn into tinkling streams. They pierce the depths of the mountains, falling waterfalls, creating a majestic scenic canyons. Trekking through three canyons of Crimea will amaze you with fabulous landscapes, breathtaking views, peace and purity of pristine nature.

Also we would like to invite you to our Alpine climbing school in Crimea 20th - 28th April; 2st - 10th May; 12nd - 20th October 2019!

Chernorechensky Canyon

Our adventures begins with this unique canyon. On the bottom of the canyon Black River flows. Quiet and calm at the beginning, Black River turns into a frantic, raging stream, which rushes with a roar through the canyon. The rapids and waterfalls changing on quiet mountain lakes. We will pass the canyon on a narrow path going between the trees with ivy. Sometimes, the path leads us to the cliffs, and then again down to the bubbling stream. Sometimes will need to cross the river by ford. Will spend the night in a wonderful place where you can dive from the steep bank into the warm water and jump in the river bungee. Here you can meet wild goats. These nimble animals are able to climb the most steep cliffs. Often they curiously accompany groups of tourists on the opposite side of the river.

After Chernorechensky Canyon we will go to the ancient Roman road, visit a Kozyrek Waterfall and sacred ancient Menhirs near the Rodnykovoe Village. There is also an equipped for visits Skelskaya Cave.

Uzundzha Canyon

This canyon is unique in its channel. It creates the most fantastic shapes - the bottom of the canyon and the walls are polished to a shine in some parts! In the depth there is a series of caves and secret passages that lead to hundreds of meters underground. And hanging over the canyon peaks kilometer height. Ancient beech forest here is impregnated with some special primitive beauty. Foxes, deer's and wild pigs visit this places sometimes.

Grand Canyon of Crimea

After the pass, we find ourselves in the Grand Canyon of Crimea, with its incredible views. This grand, wooded gorge with deep healing baths, invigorating waterfalls and pure springs remain in your heart forever. The depth of the canyon is over 300 meters and the width at the narrowest point - no more than 2.5 meters! It's an incredible sight!

Mount Ai-Petri

We go around the Boyko Peak and ascent to Ai-Petri Mountain. Ascent is not difficult and soon we begin the descent on multilayer stone corridors by extraordinary Taraktashskaya Trail. From this location a fantastic view of the sunset over the night Yalta will open for us.

A few days spending in this journey to canyons of Crimea, will remain in your memory forever - it's an incredible adventure!

In the journey you will find many attractions:

  • Southern coast of Crimea;
  • Chernorechensky Canyon;
  • Kozyrek Waterfall;
  • Sacred Skelskie Menhirs;
  • Ancient Roman Road;
  • Byjdarsayay Valley;
  • Skelsaya Cave;
  • Kara-Dag Mountain;
  • Uzundzha Canyon and Uzundzha Cave;
  • Suuk-Su creek;
  • Ai-Dimitrii spring and Ai-Dimitrii tract;
  • Silver Streams Waterfall;
  • Grand Canyon of Crimea;
  • Bath of the youth;
  • Cow grotto;
  • Labyrinth of the Elements;
  • Ai-Petri Mountain;
  • Taraktashskaya Trail;
  • Uchan-Su Waterfall;
  • Shtangeevskaya Trail and Botkinskaya Trail

After this campaign, you can continue your journey to the Crimea and join the School of Mountaineering and Climbing, which will be held from 20th - 28th April; 2st - 10th May; 12nd - 20th October 2019!

2 SmallImportant details

  • Group from 4 to 12 persons.

  • Day distance: 4 to 24 km.

  • A chef will cook for you in this trekking.

  • You can take only this tour or combine it with our Alpine Climbing School in Crimea.

  • For less prepared people instructor selects the most appropriate rate of movement, and calculates the corresponding weight of the backpacks. Special physical preparation required! This trekking is suitable for beginners and advanced travelers.

  • If you do not grab unnecessary things, there will no problems with weight of your backpack. We give you advices about what should be in your backpack, what you don't need to take. Instructor will adjust the tempo and the program If the route will be difficult for some members of the group. The timetable may change depending on weather conditions. Average weight of backpack in this tour - 8-12 kg.

  • Early October - this is the best time to go to the Crimea. The summer heat subsides and the sea and rivers are still warm. Trekking will be in different places of the Crimea - a great opportunity to take a sightseeing tour of the southern shore. You will see not only resorts, but also the Mountainous Crimea in all autumn glory.

  • The cost of school includes all the necessary common equipment. Equipment only high-quality and modern, the leading European manufacturers, from ropes and ending points of the belay devices. To have your equipment are welcome!

  • Friendly professional team of instructors, guides and organizers with years of outdoor experience in many parts of the world.

  • Personal equipment, according to the list, not included in the price. You can take personal equipment for rent it in our club.

  • We will send you gear list, detailed information and member form receiving your tour request.

  • You will order tour by 30% deposit. In case of refusal no later than one month before the start of the tour, deposit will no refund. It will remain in your «account» to pay for future tours during the year.

  • Depending on weather conditions and the group guides can change the route.

Day by day description

Small Forest

Day 1. Meeting and the beginning of the adventures. We will meet you on Yalta Bus Station with pleasure. It's easy to get to Yalta, spesially from the Simferopol. Bus transfer from Yalta to the Morozovka Village (Alsu Tract). On our way we will see ineffable beauty of the southern coast of Crimea with many resort towns. Before reaching the Morozovka Village we left our bus, taking our backpacks and begin descending into the Chernorechensky Canyon. This is the longest canyon in Crimea. For over 12 kilometers of Black River flows, flattened by high cliffs. At the entrance to the canyon, we will meet the historical place of military glory - the remains of a concrete bridge, built by the Germans in WWT. The bridge was blown up by partisans. The trail will flow by the mosshoof wood, then going down to the water, or climbing up to the cliffs, making the route becomes more exciting and diverse. In some places we even have to climb over rocks, or cross the river ford. Night on the picturesque glade with a swimming in the warm pools of the Black River.

Day 2. Chernorechensky Canyon - Skelskaya Cave. Swim plenty, we continue our trekking through the canyon. The path becomes wider and follow to the dense beech forest. A visit of the Kozyrek Waterfall. Transfer to the Rodnikovoye Village. Nearby this small village there is a real holy place. Skelskie menhirs - ancient handmade stone slabs towering from the ground. These hulks appeared in the II century BC. Plates have a clear orientation to the cardinal. People believed this place is holy. Ancient people sang prayers and songs, circle dances here, and then plunged into a pond nearby, making the rite of consecration. By the ancient Roman road, we follow to the monument of nature situated on the slopes of Baydarskaya Valley at the Kara-Dag Mountain - Skelskaya Cave. It is the only cave in the Crimea, where the water level rises so high that the water just poured out of the entrance. Under the ground there is a huge lake. Night in tents in the woods equipped with parking area and sheds.

Day 3. Uzundzha Canyon - Ai-Dimitrii tract. Following to an ancient Roman road, we are moving to the Kolkhoznoye Village. This small village is located near the entrance to Uzundzha Canyon. Translated from the Turkic language «Uzundzha» means «long». Canyon is very beautiful and remarkable variety of landscapes and mysterious untouched forests. Through a bizarre bath parched riverbed trail will lead us to the Suuk-Su Spring. Uzundzha Cave is above it. In the end of the canyon, we will ascend through the dried-up waterfall and go out to the Ai-Dmitrii Tract. Night near the forest lake, where you can see wild deer and wild pigs, coming to drink.

Day 4. Ai-Dimitrii Tract - Silver Streams Waterfall. Going through beech and oak woods in the Teahouse camp direction. The day will begin with a simple trekking up of a country road. On the next turn we will go into the forest and move without trails around 3 kilometers. Crossing the mountain, we will go out to the Teahouse camping. Descent to the fabulous Silver Streams Waterfall by a simple country road through the Eagle Fly Tract. The waterfall is located in the old forest and visible from a distance because of a cap hanging from the thick moss. Silver stream of spring water is drain in the dark grotto from it. The waterfall is like a huge sparkling musical instrument. Night in the beech forest.

Day 5. The Grand Canyon of Crimea - is a giant rift of Ai-Petri. It was formed when Boyko Mountain «moved» from the Ai-Petri plateau. This unique natural formation just stunning. The height of the steep canyon walls more than 300 meters and a width at its bottom sometimes narrowed to 2.5-3 meters. Auzun-Uzen Mountain River flowing at the bottom of the canyon, forming up to two dozen waterfalls. The most impressive of them - at the bottom of the canyon. At the foot of the waterfalls form a plurality of «baths». One of them is called Bath of youth. People say if you will swim in it, you will gain a second youth. Swim plenty, we will climb the beautiful vantage point above the canyon - Fourth cape. Cow Grotto (Taur-Koba) nearby. Near the grotto there is another interesting object - Labyrinth of the Elements. It is built on the holy place and has a definite structure, oriented to the cardinal. Each part of the magic of the labyrinth symbolizes one element. Night at the creek in the Bash-Dere camp.

Day 6. Ai-Petri - Uchan-Su Waterfall. Following to the top of the Ai-Petri plateu. We will walk through the picturesque hills with stunning views of Yalta and the southern coast of Crimea. Shining surface of the Black Sea will be below us. Descending by the Taraktashskaya Path through the maze of stone laminated rocks. This show totally unique! Like you find yourself in a world of giant cookies, overgrown fairy beech and pine forests. The trail will lead us to the flow of the Uchan-Su Waterfall - the highest grand waterfall of Crimea. Uchan-Su Waterfall originates in the mountains at 233 meters away at the cliff of Ai-Petri Mountain. He picks up speed and at a height of 390 meters is broken down waterfall height of 98 meters. This is twice as high as Niagara Falls! Bubbling water hits the ledges, the water flying away dust. We spend the night in a stunning location - at the top of the waterfall overlooking the night Yalta.

Day 7. Uchan-Su Waterfall - Yalta. We go out on the Shtangeevskaya Path. It becomes a serpentine soon along the scenic cliffs, surrounded by pine trees. The magnificent panorama of the south coast will be along the way. Next, go to the Botkin Path and a short trip to Yalta through a cozy cedar forest. From here in 10 minutes, we we reach the bus station of the city of Yalta by public transport.

Tour is over, but we do not say goodbye to the participants! You are invited to continue the journey to the Crimea: join our Alpine Climbing School, which is about to start in the Simeiz. The road from Yalta, accompanied by our guides takes less than 40 minutes. Arriving to Simeiz accommodate in a cozy hotel or cottage, but that's another story;) Adventure continues!

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