Alpine climbing School in Crimea

Dates: 20th - 28th  April; 2st - 10th  May; 12nd - 20th October 2019

Type of activity: alpine climbing, rock climbing, sea, active holidays
Area: South of Crimea Peninsula
Duration: 6 or 9 days (you can take hole tour or just a part in Simeiz)
Tour price: 18 700 RUB (hole tour) and 21 600 RUB (part of the tour) if you book before 30 st of June 2019. After that date price will be 36 200 RUB.
Price includes: accommodation in a hotel or cottage in Simeiz days 1 to 6; staying in a camp near Hergiany Rocks days 7-9; transfer from Simeiz to camp and back day 6 and 9; all food, cantina, electricity, shower, toilet, drinking water during staying in a camp days 7-9; first aid; guides and instructors; common gear (gas stove, gas, kitchen gear); registration in Ministry of Emergency Situations; common alpine gear (ropes, camalots, sleeves and so on).
Price doesn't include: flight to Simferopol and back; staying in hotel or cottage in Simeiz day 9; food in Simeiz day 1-6 (you can eat in a cafes or cooking for yourself in a common kitchen in a hotel or cottage); insurance; excursions and transfer for excursions.

For whom this adventure?


Alpine climbing School in Crimea will be awesome adventure for travelers who only start their way to the peaks and for advanced climbers as well.

Due to an individual work, high level of professional instructors and a huge selection of climbing routes, this school interested climbers, mountaineers and mountain tourists. If you are only going to join the mysterious world we promise to gently introduce you to the universe of exciting adventures.

Thanks to good conditions of accommodation, quality food, proximity of places for training and a variety of routes for climbing - you should not to expend you renergy on exhausting approaches - it's a journey for people with any level of physical shape.

You can only take the tour of the Alpine Climbing School, or extend the journey to the Crimea and also to join the Three canyons Trekking Tour: Chernorechenskij Canyon, Uzundzha Canyon and the Grand Canyon of Crimea (trekking and travel by the mountainous part of the Crimea). This trip will be in front of the School of climbing from 29th April - 5th May, 6th - 12nd May; 29th September - 5th October, 6th - 12nd October 2019.

Important details

  • 42.jpgGroup from 3 to 12 persons.
  • Alpine Climbing Sсhool last for the velvet season in Crimea. Tourists are becoming much less, services and entertainment became cheaper. The sea is still warm! Some studies on the rocks - at the coast of the Black Sea! If you want you can mix climbing with swims in the sea. Bronze is also guaranteed ;)
  • This adventure for you if you are real fan of outdoor and mountains. Even if you don't have any climbing experience.
  • Under the supervision of instructors on real climbing routes you will get your personal skills by an individual work. Instructors accompanies each bundle - coordinate your actions, teaching techniques and tactics of movement along the route, in full control of your safety.
  • Every day after trainings and summits will be briefing.
  • A rich program with a deep dive into the world of exciting alpine climbing. Program of the school: the technique and tactics, especially passing the mountain routes, work with the full range of mountaineering equipment, belaying skills installation belaying points on a real relief, the organization of belay stations and their practical application, improving techniques, improvement actions to automatism, training climbing and safety multipitches climbing.
  • Practice will be on a real climbing lines, multipitches routes and real alpine routes.
  • Friendly and professional team of instructors, guides and organizers with years of experience and the experience of climbing in many parts of the world.
  • Accommodation in the resort Simeiz Town on a comfortable hotel or cottage with all the amenities. Accommodation in 2 and 3-bed rooms. Each day features a cozy gazebo and place for barbecue. Accommodation in Simeiz is for 6 days.
  • In the second half of the tour accommodation in the mountainous part of the Crimea in a specially equipped camping. It offers electricity, common room, kitchen, dining room, classrooms, internet, shower and toilet. Accommodation in tents for 4 days.
  • Meals not included in the price in the Simeiz. You can feed individual in a cheap cafe or cooking for yourself. To do this, there is a kitchen and everything you need. In the mountains food included in the price.
  • The cost of school includes all the necessary common equipment. Equipment only high-quality and modern, the leading European manufacturers, from ropes and ending points of the belay devices. To have your equipment are welcome!
  • Personal equipment, according to the list of necessary equipment, not included in the price. You can rent personal equipment.
  • We will send you gear list, detailed information and member form receiving your tour request.
  • You will order tour by 30% deposit. In case of refusal no later than one month before the start of the tour, deposit will no refund. It will remain in your «account» to pay for future tours during the year.
  • Depending on weather conditions and the group guides can change the route.
  • You will get a certificate after this tour.


Day by day description

78+66.jpgDay 1. Meeting all members of the group in Crimea. You will need to get to the Simeiz by yourself. It's easy. All you need is to use public transport form the any point of Crimea. For example from the Simferopol. We will meet you on a bus station of Simeiz with pleasure. Accommodation in a hotel or comfortable cottage in 2-3 persons rooms with internet. Dinner and acquaintance of the group. Night walking near the coast line.


Day 2. Safety briefing after breakfast. Preparing for the first training day. Introductory lesson. Training on the rock «Swan wing» in groups - the level of difficulty from the basics (knowing about equipment, learn methods of belay, taking the first steps on a relief) to advanced (belaying, vertical climbing). The complexity of the routes on the climbing classification (French system), from the simplest 5a to the ∞. Train opposite the sea - a great opportunity to enjoy the Black Sea. The water is still warm. Walk to the observation platform - a freestanding rock in the sea, «Diva», towering over Simeiz. Rock climbing training on «Cat» Rock after lunch. The complexity of routes from 4a to ∞. Training techniques of mountaineering - tactics of crossing multipitching climbing routes in a bunch with different rope technique, belaying of the first and the second. Work with the rope while multipitching. Optimization of equipment. Testing techniques to the level of skill and automatism.

Day 3. For those who want - a day of rest, and individual excursions. You might visit such famous places as the Swallow's Nest Castel, Vorontsov Palace and Park, the cableway to the summit of Ai-Petri Mountain, walking in Yalta or simply relaxing on the beach while Crimean velvet season. Those who are not tired and full of energy - rockclimbing.


Day 4. Training of mountaineering. The organization belay points. Organization of base stations on the route. Work on a fixed rope. Preparing for tomorrow's summit.

Day 5. Big day. Multipitch сlimbing at the top of the Cat Mountain on two different lines (under the control of an instructor). Under the control of an instructor on the routes you will train your personal skills at the expense of individual work with everyone. Each group only 2-3 participants and an instructor. Starting the day with multipitch. After rest - analysis of mistakes and defects. Then continued your studies at the next route.


Day 6. Preparations for departure from Simeiz after breakfast. Next to arrange transportation, we are moving to new adventures in the direction of the legendary Foros Kant Mountains! The base camp was organized in the mountains near the famous Hergiani Mountain where train their skills climbers from around the world. The camp is equipped with everything you need - electricity, water, kithen, kitchen, dining room, a classroom. Accommodation in tents. Meals in the mountains is included in the cost of travel!

Day 7. Summit on top of the Uarch-Kai Mountain. Groups of 2-3 people on «Surprise» Route accompanied by an instructor. The task of the maximum for each group - to pass this climbing route using only its own point of belaying. If necessary, you can always use bolts. Safety and control tactics of climbing instructor. If necessary, the instructor assists you on route. In the evening - the analysis of the day.

Day 8. Multipitch and trad climbing. To visit this place and do not pay attention to multipitch Uarch-Kai Mountain would be a great omission! Here you can find routes from the simplest level of complexity to the challenging climbing 5a 6c+. The 10-15 minute walk from the camp are located around 8 routes! We will climb in groups on «Beautiful Helen» and «Shambala» routes. There are other routes to choose participants or trade climbing - on the basis of an objective level of preparation.

Day 9. Climbing till lunch if you still want and if you still can. Finish of the active program. Transfer to Simeiz. Accommodation in double and triple rooms with all amenities. Closing the event and dinner in the open air - at your disposal barbecue and gazebo. Late Departure from Simeiz or morning next day.

You can only take the tour of the Alpine Climbing School, or extend the journey to the Crimea and also to join the Three canyons Trekking Tour: Chernorechenskij Canyon, Uzundzha Canyon and the Grand Canyon of Crimea (trekking and travel by the mountainous part of the Crimea). This trip will be in front of the School of climbing from 29th April - 5th May, 6th - 12nd May; 29th September - 5th October, 6th - 12nd October 2019.

It is impossible to continue the program for a few days :) Discussed individually, if you decide to extend this adventure on the southern coast of Crimea in the company of club of travelers Extreme time!

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