Lenin Peak Summit (alt. 7134 m.). «Seventh level of the planet».

Date: 2nd - 21st July 2018

Type of activity: mountaineering, expeditions
Area: Pamir, Zaalaysky Ridge, Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 20 days
Expedition cost:  1430 USD
Price includes (special offer, the group up to 4 people with a personal guide!): services of a qualified high-altitude guide (!); registration in Kyrgyzstan; all permits and fees; trash utilization after the expedition; meeting in Osh Airport (if you are arriving first day of the tour till noon); all transfers including in program of the tour (including a guide in Osh City); all food in the base camp and in a camp of alt. 4400 m.; electricity, shower, toilet in the camps of alt. 3600 and 4400 m.; luggage storage in a camp of alt. 3600 m.; chef service in the camps of alt. 3600 and 4400 m.; first aid kit; gas and food for the summit; group alpine gear (ropes, ice screws); GPS; registration of the group in Ministry of Emergency situation; medical equipment for health monitoring before the ascent (oximetry and blood test for oxygen saturation - one of the main indicators of the body ready for the ascent to 7134 meters after acclimatization). 
Not including into tour price: flights, visa (if it's need), individual accommodation (min 200 RUB per night) and the food in the Osh, personal first aid kit, rent of personal gear and tents, horse service for carrying gear to the camp alt. 4400 m. (can be ordered if necessary), rescue team when necessary (transport, helicopter, medical care), medical and outdoor insurance.



7134 meters. The seventh level of the planet. A place where can I get to the heaven by hand. Lenin Peak Summit: here, in the kingdom of snow and wind, take breath, not only because of the thin air, but also because of the surrounding panorama. 360 degrees around - stunning mountain ranges of Pamir. You can feel the true spirit of adventure and a taste of life here, on this altitude. Lenin Peak Summit - it means to prove yourself that the height - is for you. High-altitude mountaineering is not for everyone, and most of time it begins from this summit.

Your way to the top will begin in the city of Osh, where, you will visit the bazaar. After that you will go to the base camp with the poetic name «Edelweiss Glade» a group of comfortable minibuses. From the base camp you will see the top and great part of the route on a clear day.

You don't need to climb the cliffs for get to Lenin Peak. You will need all your endurance and psychological stability. The route is more like a long trek. Our plan of especially soft acclimatization will help you to fight with the altitude. Because of the Pamirs weather we are planning three reserve days. Lenin Peak Summit with the Extreme time club - it's experienced managers, unlimited comprehensive consultations, excellent logistic and really friendly work with every participant.

Important details


  • Lenin Peak Summit - tough extreme high-altitude expedition.

  • Each participant assumes full responsibility for all his actions.

  • The route to the summit is technically simple. But you will need to be careful with factors such as unpredictable weather and the altitude.

  • For successfully participate in the expedition mountain experience and gradual acclimatization during an expedition requires, especially if you don't have altitude experience. That's why we do not recommend a shortened version of the summit, can be found in the other companies. 

  • 2.jpgWe use atypical expedition program - a special plan of the gradual and soft acclimatization, focused not on the number of days, but on the real problems faced by the participants during the summit.
  • Big number of extra days for the bad weather give us a good chance to make our tour successful. Also these days - a chance for success for those who do not keep up with the group acclimatization.

  • To participate in the expedition alpine climbing experience highly recommended. Specially experience of alpine climbing on the summit of Belukha East Mountain.

  • Number of the participants is strictly limited! 4 people maximum.

  • 4.jpg

    The start and the end of expedition at the Osh airport (Kyrgyzstan). Meeting at the airport is free of charge if you arrive morning time in the first day!

  • The participants should be particularly responsible choosing the equipment, because of the altitude, the weather conditions, and the difficulty of the route. Full gear list and tour details we will send to you in response to an application to participate.

  • Medical and outdoor insurance is mandatory. It's not including into price. The insurance must be coated at least USD 30000 and the opportunity to call the rescue helicopter. The insurance should be made out to increase the coefficient of «mountaineering».

  • Tour cost including meeting at the Osh Airport on arrival in the first day, transfer from the airport and guide of the Osh city for the group excursion to the Suleiman Mountain at dawn and the bazaar in the morning on the day of arrival by minibus!

  • You will book the tour paying by deposit. Deposit will not refund in case you are cancel the tour.

  • Summit schedule may be varying depending on the weather conditions and the group shape.

  • Team leader determines the tactics of the summit.

  • All transfers according to the program carried on the comfortable mini-buses.

  • To obtain all permits you must send us all documents no later than one month before the tour. You will need a specific permission of the Kyrgyz Border Service to visit the Lenin Peak. All you need is to apply and pay deposit. We will take care of the rest.

Day by day description


Meeting of participants in the Osh City. Arrange transportation for participants at the airport for the first day of the tour by the schedule of the expedition. For those who will arrive early - the evening meeting in the hotel.

Day 1. Arrival in Osh. Meeting in the morning at the airport. Visit real asian bazaar where you can buy everything you need. The participants arrived a day earlier may join the group at the market. Transfer Osh - Base Camp on «Edelweiss glade» (alt. 3600 m.). Accommodation in the tents or in the national yurt.

Day 2. Acclimatization, preparation for the summit, hiking to the Petrovsky Peak (alt. 4400 m.).

Day 3. Ascent to Camp 1 (alt. 4400 m.). You can order the horses for carrying the gear. Night in the tents. 

Day 4. Ascent to Camp 2 (alt. 5400 m.). Building the camp.

Day 5. Acclimatization. According to health - the descent to the camp at alt. 4400 m.

Day 6. Descent to the camp at alt. 4400 m.

Day 7. Rest day at alt. 4400 m.

Day 8. Ascent to camp at alt. 5400 m.

Day 9. Ascent to camp at alt. 6100 m. Building the camp. Night at alt. 6100 m.

Day 10. Descent to the camp at alt. 4400 m.

Day 11. Rest at the camp at alt. 4400 m. Preparing for the final ascent.

Day 12. Ascent to camp at alt. 5400 m.

Day 13. Ascent to camp at alt. 6100 m.

Day 14. Summit day Assault of the top of Lenin Peak (alt. 7134 m.), return to the camp 3 (alt. 6100 m.).

Day 15. Descent to the camp at alt. 4400 m.

Day 16. Descent to the camp at alt. 3600 m.

Days 17, 18, 19. Extra days for the bad weather, or for those participants who will lag behind the general program of acclimatization.

Day 20. Finish of the expedition. Transfer to Osh.

climbing scheme

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