Trekking to the Belukha Mountain and Akkemskoye Lake «Holy Places of Gorny Altai»

Dates: 24st May - 5th June economy,  7th June - 19st June economy, 21rd June - 3th July, 

5th July - 17th July, 19st July - 31nd July, 2th August - 14th August, 16nd August - 28th August,

30th August - 11rd September, 13rd  September - 25rd September 2020 

Type of activity: trekking
Area: Gorny Altai, Katunsky Ridge
Duration: 13 days (including transfer from Novosibirsk and back). Active part of tour - 10 days.
Standard tour cost: 38 900 RUB if you book before 30  st of April 2020. The price will be 48 900 RUB after that date. You will save 10 000 RUB booking in advance.
Price includes: personal travel equipment: backpack, sleeping bag, tourist rug - free for promotions; transfer from Novosibirsk to Tyungur village and back; cargo delivery by horses to the base camp Akkemskoye Lake and moving through the Kuzuyak pass - free for early booking; сook service on active part of tour; all food on active part of tour; first aid kit; guides; all permits and fees; bathhouse 2 times in the village of Tyungur on day 2 and 12; group trekking gear (gas stove, gas, kitchen gear, kitchen tents, axe, saw); accommodation in Tyungur village; accommodation in Extreme Time camp on Akkemskoe Lake. Branded T-shirt - free for early booking.
Price not includes: flight to Novosibirsk and back; food while transfer and in Tyungur village (average bill 150-200 RUB); medical insuranceindividual gear renting
Attention for foreigners! Trekking area is a pre border area with special permutation. All documents for permits must be sent two months before the trip.



Feel the rush of inner energy in one of the holiest places in the world - around Belukha Mountain. It is called Uch-Sur In the Altai, which translated from Turkish means «the home of three of the gods». Going to a trip to the Belukha, you can find a wide variety of travelers: someone comes to the Belukha in search of inspiration, someone to «cleanse», but one thing is certain - everyone finds here what is looking for.

Tungur Village, Tekelu Waterfall, Akkemskoye Lake, Yarlu Valley, Gornyh Dukhov Lake, Akkemsky Glacier, the Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel at the foot of Belukha Mountain and the Valley of Seven Lakes - the route to places of the energy of Altai Mountains is suitable for beginners and for people with trekking experience.

There are legends about Gornyh Dukhov Lake (Lake of mountain spirits). You will hear some of them, standing on the shore of the mystical Lake. The lake is located in the Kara-Oyuk Valley. It is believed that this valley is home to the mountain spirits.

Multi-colored lakes, waterfalls, alpine meadows - Valley of seven lakes bewitching stretches from the foot of the mountain near the Ak-Oyuk.

This tour to the Akkemskoye Lake with a visit to the picturesque surroundings will give you energy for the whole year!


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Vu_R3-2zd9k.jpgImportant details

  • Day distances from 7 till 24 km.

  • The chief will made a food on a trekking part of the tour. There will be also duty helpers from the members of the group (everyone will grab a wood for fire and will help with cooking).

  • People younger 18 years old can take the tour only with parents.

  • If you will pack your backpack smart, there will be no problem with the weight of your backpack. We can consult you about your gear list.

  • x-Gg8scb7yw.jpgThere is a 40 minutes helicopter transfer option from Tyungur Village till Akkemskoye Lake (price by request).
  • For beginners instructor will help with weight of the backpack and pace.

  • We will send you gear list, detailed information and member form receiving your tour request.

  • Tour request doesn't understand you have to go. It is only we send you information for making decision.

  • We can issue a traveler's insurance policy for you and send it to you electronically. You can rent all gear you need if you want.

  • The rate is set at a group of 6 people. When a group of 4 people the price is increased by 10%, with a group of 2 people - 20%.

  • You will order tour by 30% deposit. In case of cancellation of the trip no later than two months before the start of the trip, the prepayment is not refunded, but remains in your "account" to pay for future hikes and ascents during the year from the date of the registration fee.

In this adventure you will see (description and photos):

Day by day description


Day 1. Meeting all members of the group in Novosibirsk 18:00 local time. Departure to Altai Mountains 19:00 local time.

Day 2. Pre border checkpoint crossing, arriving to Tyungur Village, staying in camping with 2-3 persons tents near the Katun River. In camp there is a woods for fire, rain shelter, water for drink, electricity, place for barbeque, luggage storage, souvenirs. Handling of food on horses for carrying to Akkemskoye Lake. Safety briefing. Meeting members of the group near the fire.

Day 3. Breakfast in the cafe on the camp site. Off road transfer on 4x4 vehicle to «Tri Berezy» camp. Easy trekking by a forest trail (10 km.). Night in a tent near stunning Tekelu Waterfall and Akkem creek.


Day 4. Trekking along the Akkem River to Akkemskoye Lake (alt. 2100 m.). We will see amazing landscapes of the Belukha Mountain. Building a camp on Akkemskoye Lake shore. Meeting with carrying horses with food. Night in a tents near the lake. Trekking sauna available.

Day 5. Hiking to Akkemsky Glacier together with the group of Belukha Mountain Summit tour. Crossing the river by the bridge. Visiting Chapel. Ascending by moraine slope. Visiting foot of the glacier where Akkem River is born. Walking on a glacier. Observing stunning views of East and West Faces of Belukha Mountain. Return to the Chapel and back to the camp.

Day 6. Hiking to the Mountain Spirits Lake (Gornyh Duhov Lake). Situated on alt. 2600 m. South-East of Kara-Oyuk Valley (Black Valley). Many legends and stories local knows about this place. Returning back to camp.


Day 7. Hiking to Yarlu Valley. This valley interesting not only bright colors of the slopes, specially bright after rain, but a holy stone. This stone is very important for admirers Roerich. Now there is a stone town around this stone. Returning back to camp.

Day 8. Hiking to the Valley of Seven Lakes. From this place you can observe stunning views of Belukha Mountain and Ak-Ojuk Peak with hanging glacier. In the valley you will see seven lakes with different colors - from deep blue to light pink. They represent the seven channels of human energy. Also notable Valley area of alpine meadows with blooming edelweiss. If you're lucky, the mountains will slightly open their wealth, and you are lucky enough to take home the raw natural rock crystal from the Valley of the Seven Lakes - is advised to use this as an amulet. Returning back to camp.


Day 9. Hiking to the Kara-Turek Pass (alt. 3060 m.). From there you will see all peaks of Belukha Mountain, Akkemskoye Lake, Yarlu Valley, Valley of Akkem River. This pass is not difficult but with ascending and descending.

Day 10. Extra day for bad weather.

Day 11. Trekking from Akkemskoye Lake to the Tri Berezy Camp through Tekelu Waterfall (25 km.). In case all group want to use off road transfer to Tyungur Village (not including to price) the distance will be only to Tekelu Waterfall (8 km.).

Day 12. Trekking from Tri Berezy Camp to Tyungur Village through Kuzuyak pass (alt. 1513 m.). We recommend you to use off road transfer. Finish of the tour. Dinner with local food in a local style cafe. Russian sauna. Depart to Novosibirsk.

Day 13. Arriving to Novosibirsk 15:00 - 16:00 local time. It is better to take a tickets from Novosibirsk back home at 19:00 or later.

Depending on weather conditions and the group guides can change the route.

It is not a public offer.

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