Insurance for travelers

If insurance is not included into tour price or you have your own outdoor plans we can make insurance for you and send you it via email.

Cost of the insurance is calculated on the basis of outdoor activity type, namount of days and the insured sum. We can edit any insurance which is included in the tour.

Insurance for the Caucasus

The price for the 8 days for the Caucasus tours: insurance coverage for USD 15000 cost USD 25. USD 30000 - cost USD 30. Type of activity is mountaineering (alpine climbing).

Insurance for Belukha Mountain (Altai)

Insurance issued only for summit days - (7th - 10th days of the tour). Insurance coverage USD 15000. Type of activity is mountaineering (alpine climbing).

If you like to get insurance coverage USD 30000 please let us know. It will cost 500 RUB more. If you want to get insurance for other days of the tour also please let us know. Price of the extra insurance will be calculated on the basis of the insurance coverage you want (USD 5000 - 500 RUB, USD 15000 - 700 RUB. USD 30000 - 900 RUB). Extra insurance is issued at least one week before the tour's start. We make insurance for the group so you don't need your individual document.


Get the insurance for travel is easy!

  1. Send us a request with amount of the days and insurance coverage (USD 5000, 10000, 15000, 30000).
  2. Pay your insurance.
  3. Get your insurance by email.