Alpine school in Tuyk-Su Valley (North Tien-Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan)

small1.jpgDate: 2nd  - 10th May 2019

(or any time during this dates we give you transfer to the school and back)

Type of activity: mountaineering (alpine climbing), trekking, freeride, backcountry skiing
Area: North Tien-Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan
Duration: 9 days (or any period during this dates)

Tour cost (all inclusive): 29 800 RUB if you book before 30 st of April 2019. The price will be 38 600 RUB after that date. You will save 8 800 RUB if you will book in advance.

Price includes: сook service on all days with place for food three times a day (if you are vegetarian, please let us know about it in advance); transfer from Almaty to the school and back; first aid kit; guides; group gear (gas stove, gas, kitchen gear); accommodation in a hut with heating and electricity; group alpine gear (ropes and so on); satellite phone and radio for emergency.

Offer Econom: staying in your own tent without cook service and food. You are member of the team, train with the others but live in a tent and cook for yourself your own food - 21400 RUB.

Price doesn't includes: flight to Almaty and back; individual gear renting; sauna; insurance; formalization of your alpine rate in Russian Mountaineering Federation.


Our Spring Alpine School in the Tien-Shan Mountains it's a nice way to spend warm may days in the high mountains with new friends.

Also it's a nice way to get the theory and skills in mountaineering and alpine climbing. Or just taking rest in hiking in beautiful local nature of the Tien-Shan Mountains.

It is also a chance to visit green Almaty, Chembulak Ski Resort - one of the highest in the world (one of the best ski resorts Forbes opinion). To see legendary Medeu Stadium.

Stunning Tuyk-Su Valley is the lovely place for the mountaineers, climbers and skiers. You will get a course of mountaineering and make your own real summits.

Summits possible from the easiest 1B rate to the hardest 4B rate. All summits you will make together with experienced and certificated instructors.

You can join for the hole course or for the part. We will meet you on the railway station or in the airport of Almaty and get you to our school in the mountains (any day from the 2nd May till the 10th of May). Also you can do it by yourself using the cableway Chembulak-Medeu.


Program of the school: 

  • Rest in Tien-Shan Mountains in amazing Tuyk-Su Valley in a warm company of friends.
  • Alpine climbing course for beginners and advanced climbers.
  • Snow, ice and rock climbing trainings with any type of gear.
  • Real summits on simple walking Peaks and on serious peaks.
  • During free time - observing Almaty, Tuyk-Su Valley, skiing and snowboarding (real freeride in the wild).

For whom this adventure?

Alpine School in Tuyk-Su Valley will be awesome adventure for travelers who only start their way to the peaks and for advanced climbers as well.

Due to an individual work, high level of professional instructors and a huge selection of climbing routes, this School interested climbers, mountaineers and mountain tourists all keen travelers. If you are only going to join the mysterious world of the snow-white peaks - we promise to gently introduce you to the universe of exciting adventures.

Thanks to good conditions of accommodation, quality food, proximity to places of training and a variety of routes for active outputs - you will spend unforgettable days of May in the mountainous fairy tale!

How to get to the place by your own?

If you will depart earlier 2nd May and/or will arrive later 10th May.

In this case we can organize transfer for you. Price 3000-4000 KZT from the person if you are group of 2 persons and more. If you will depart 2nd May and will arrive 10th May your transfer already including to price.
You also can use public transport. Take bus No.6 from Almaty to Medeu Stadium. From there take cableway to Chembulak Ski Resort. And walk 3 km. and you are in the school.


Important details

  • After school you will get the certificate and title - Mountaineer of Russia.

  • This adventure for you if you are real fan of outdoor and mountains. Even if you don't have any climbing experience.

  • Under the supervision of instructors on real climbing routes you will get your personal skills by an individual work. Instructors accompanies each bundle - coordinate your actions, teaching techniques and tactics of movement along the route, in full control of your safety.

  • Every day after trainings and summits will be briefing.

  • A rich program with a deep dive into the world of exciting alpine climbing. Program of the school: the technique and tactics, especially passing the mountain routes, work with the full range of mountaineering equipment, honing skills installation point coverage on a real relief, the organization of belay stations and their practical application, improving techniques, improvement actions to automatism, training climbing and safe passage glaciers.

  • Friendly and professional team of instructors, guides and organizers with years of experience and the experience of climbing in many parts of the world. Sports programs and training led by certified instructor of Mountaineering Federation methodologists in mountaineering.

  • The cost of school includes all the necessary group equipment. Equipment only high-quality and modern, the leading European manufacturers, from ropes and ending points of the belay devices. To have your equipment are welcome!

  • Personal equipment, according to the list of necessary equipment, not included in the price. You can rent personal equipment.

  • We will send you gear list, detailed information and member form receiving your tour request.

  • You will order tour by 7000 RUB deposit. In case of refusal no later than one month before the start of the tour, deposit will no refund. It will remain in your «account» to pay for future tours during the year.

Day by day description

Day 1. Meeting all members of the group in Almaty. Transfer to the Tuyk-Sy Valley. Accommodation, acclimatize hiking in good conditions.

Day 2. Acclimatize and training hiking. Trainings with groups (snow and ice alpine techniques).

Day 3. Acclimatize and training hiking. Trainings with groups (snow and ice alpine techniques).

Day 4. Summit day.

Day 5. Snow and ice alpine techniques trainings.

Day 6. Summit day.

Day 7. Snow and ice alpine techniques trainings.

Day 8. Summit day.

Day 9. Finish of the school. Transfer to Almaty. Farewell and departure of participants.

Depending on weather conditions and the group guides can change the route.

It is not a public offer.

Map of Tuyk-Sy Valley (pdf, 358 кб)

Author - Kirill Belotserkovsky

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